2015 // Winter

2015 // Winter

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum

$39.00 retail value

One Love Organics's award winning serum comes in a full sized bottle and you kind of need to smell to believe. OLO is bucking beauty products trends by producing products that actually work amazingly and are also produced ethically.

Bridgewater Candle Co. Sweet Grace Mingle Candle

$20.00 retail value

Bridgewater Candle Company’s Sweet Grace scent is a best seller, and you’ll have no trouble understanding why! Every candle is made in the USA and each candle also provides 3 meals to international orphanages!

Solo Hope Hand-Weaved Estrella Bowl

$32.00 retail value

This beautiful basket was hand-weaved Honduras — and you can just feel the tender love and care that went into its creation. It is the perfect place to throw your keys, wallet, and phone.

Alter Eco Dark Almond Chocolate Bar

$3.99 retail value

After sampling several of AlterEco’s chocolates we fell in love with their Dark Almond Bar and had to share it — this full-sized bar is toasty, nutty, rich, and delicious!

Landmine Design 7 Bead Exclusive Necklace

$38.00 retail value

Landmine Designs created the chic, minimal Seven Bead Necklace exclusively for CAUSEBOX! Each necklace is handcrafted by the women of a tiny Cambodian village that is riddled with minefields — but out of a dark and dangerous place Landmine Designs is providing hope, opportunity, and a hand up.

Root Collective Passport Holder + $45 Gift Card

$70.00 retail value

The Root Collective designed this passport holder for us using the same amazing fabric that they use for their shoes. And before you put the passport holder to use you’re going to need a good set of shoes for your journey :) A $45 gift card is included to help you buy your first pair!

2015 // Fall

2015 // Fall

Krochet Kids International 5207.5 Beanie

$31.95 retail value

The 5207.5 is handmade in Uganda and the tag is hand signed by the woman who made it, and it remains one of their most popular and beloved beanies. The women that Krochet Kids is employing are seeing a 10x increase in income and a 40% decrease in physical abuse!

LSTN Sound Co. Zebrawood Bowery Earbuds with Microphone

$49.99 retail value

Each pair of LSTN Bowery Headphones is handcrafted from REAL wood, and with their rich and unique wood grains, no two pairs of headphones are the same! And to top it off, for every pair of headphones that LSTN sells, they help to restore hearing to a person in need!

Noonday Collection Gold Leaf Earrings

$32.00 retail value

These beautiful earrings are handmade with love in India out of gold-foiled leather. Noonday Collection collaborates on designs with talented artisans in vulnerable communities around the world — and the results are inspiring, fashionable, and original.

Gramr Gratitude Co. Intent Collection Stationery 6-pack

$24.00 retail value

This exclusive release from Gramr Gratitude Co. is foil press-printed on thick uncoated stock — and it combines the work of some of the most inspiring photographers and typographers on Instagram. Gramr aims to encourage and restore gratitude, intentionality, and purpose in our relationships.

Salt Skill Himalayan Salt & Lavender Body Scrub

$12.00 retail value

Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt is said to be the truest and purest form of salt on the planet — it is rich in minerals and packed with health benefits. The Lavender essential oil will also leave you smelling like heaven :) Salt Skill harvests their salt ethically in Pakistan and pledges 10% of its profits to providing clean, safe drinking water to those in need.

FLYJOY Cashew Cookie Dough Snack Bar

$2.25 retail value

FLYJOY bars are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and made using quinoa, oats, flax, and chia — so, basically, you can check all of the superfoods off of your checklist. In addition to making these magic health bars FLYJOY commits 10% of its profits to HOPE International to help men and women all around the world break the cycle of poverty.

THX CO. Coffee

THX Co. is a social enterprise that dedicates 100% of its profits to non-profits around the world(!) With one of the most unique and generous models of any business we’ve ever seen, THX Co. offers daily essentials of the absolute best quality with radically transparent pricing.

2015 // Summer

2015 // Summer

Musana Bumba Necklace

$36.00 retail value

Musana is a nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of poverty in Uganda by providing stable employment and education for women. Musana means ‘sunlight’ in the local language of Luganda, and the artisans who crafted this necklace are truly a light within their communities!

KeepCup Re-usable Coffee Cup

$17.00 retail value

The KeepCup wins awards for its amazing design, and we LOVE it. It is made from non-toxic BPA and BPS-free polypropylene and features a splash proof seal — it is the perfect choice for coffee consumption on the go and it helps save the planet from paper and plastic waste.

Parker Clay Upcycled Wrap Bracelet

$48.00 retail value

This bracelet was handmade out of Ethiopian leather and melted down bullets found in the Ethiopian countryside — what was once intended for harm has been transformed into something of hope and beauty.

Parker Clay Headband

$16.00 retail value

We love Parker Clay so much that we had to include two items :) This headband is handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is a must-have summer accessory.

Love for Humanity Face Cream

$58.00 retail value

Love for Humanity told us that when we tried their face cream we would HAVE to put it in the box — and they were right! This stuff is amazing. It is organic, vegan, cruelty free, Made in the USA — AND for every product that LFH sells they provide a meal for the malnourished!

Living on One Special Edition DVD

$24.00 retail value

Follow along as four university students spend a Summer in rural Guatemalan living on $1/day to better understand the realities of poverty. Their videos about the experience went viral on YouTube and ultimately became this amazing, award-winning film.

Everly Hydrating Drink Mixes

Everly is one of our favorite do-good companies in the whole wide world — and they are keeping us hydrated all Summer long. No additives, preservatives, or fake coloring — just better tasting water. AND they provide life-saving oral rehydration salts to treat sick children!

Sevenly Limited Edition Full Size Print

$24.00 retail value

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? You Make Lemonade! Hang it, frame it, remember it! This print was one of our all-time best sellers in the Sevenly marketplace — so we brought it back especially for the CAUSEBOX community :)

2015 // Spring

2015 // Spring

Perf Turkish Towel

$55.00 retail value

A portion of every one of these beautiful, flat woven Turkish towels is donated by Perf to support clean water projects and community development in Haiti. This towel is PERFect for Spring picnics and beach outings.

Tribe Alive Bracelet

$35.00 retail value

This super-chic, beaded bracelet was crafted exclusively for CAUSEBOX members by Tribe Alive. Every bracelet is handmade by women artisans in Honduras and helps support families and job creation in the region.

Half United "Fighting Hunger" Necklace

$34.00 retail value

Each “fighting hunger” necklace is made from melted down bullets to symbolize the end of violence, and a movement toward something positive and urgent — hunger relief. Half United donates HALF of profits to hunger relief!

Denik Journal

$17.99 retail value

Denik donates a portion from every notebook toward funding schools in developing countries. This journal was made exclusively for CAUSEBOX members and it is the perfect place for world changing ideas, dreams, and doodles!

Sevenly Cling

$9.95 retail value

What better way to remind yourself to cherish each day than to wake up to the words "Today is a Good Day"?! This Sevenly peel-off Cling is perfect for your bathroom mirror — see it in the morning and it will stick with you all day!

Smarty Pants Vitamin Packets

$4.25 retail value

Nutritious, tasty as can be, and world changing! Smarty Pants partners with Vitamin Angels to give vitamins to a child in need for every bottle of vitamins that they sell (so far they have provided for over 500,000 children!)

Good Spread Peanut Butter & Honey Packet

Good Spread is the newest pantry staple at Sevenly HQ, because they provide a meal for a malnourished child for every single jar of Peanut Butter that they sell! Make a PB&J, eat, change the world, repeat :)




$140.00 retail value

A super limited edition box, stuffed with our favorite socially conscious products for Men! Only available while supplies last!

"Best of" Box

"Best of" Box

"Best Of" Gift Box

$50.00 retail value

A mystery box filled with editor's choice socially conscious products.