2018 // Summer

2018 // Summer

Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch

$128.00 retail value

Reversible fold-over clutch in one of three styles — handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India and finished with a gorgeous gold chain and tassel. Exclusively designed for CAUSEBOX. Annual members get to choose their style!

d.stil Reusable Water Bottle

$14.99 retail value

A stylish reusable water bottle that reduces plastic waste and contributes to Water.org to help provide global access to clean water. Annual members get to choose their style!

Fair Seas Supply Organic Cotton Turkish Towel

$44.00 retail value

A do-everything Turkish towel sustainably made from Organic Cotton — works as a beach towel, picnic blanket, or cover-up, and gets better with age!

Kevia Wear It 6 Ways Tassel Necklace

$55.00 retail value

A gorgeous and endlessly versatile tassel necklace that can be worn six different ways. Proudly and ethically made in an environmentally sustainable way in China.

Karuna Natural Fiber Sheet Masks (Set of Four)

$28.00 retail value

Four antioxidant enriched + natural fiber sheet masks for spa-like facials from home, made by the first sheet mask brand to launch in the U.S. Karuna also works with Beauty Bus to provide beauty treatments for hospital patients!

Zoya Nail Polish (Set of Three)

$30.00 retail value

A set of three summer-ready nail polishes, from the company that is pioneering the elimination of toxic ingredients from nail products.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

$18.00 retail value

Almond Shower Oil that cleanses softly while helping to hydrate and nourish the skin — one of the best selling products from an iconic body care brand that is empowering women in West Africa, and harvesting almonds responsibly.

Coco Dávez Exclusive Art Print

$10.00 retail value

An art print that brings vibrant summer colors to your wall or desk. Designed by Spanish artist Coco Dávez in her unmistakable style. Frame-worthy as is or mailable to a friend as a postcard.

2018 // Spring

2018 // Spring

Symbology Exclusive Kimono

$105.00 retail value

An exclusive, custom kimono handmade and printed for CAUSEBOX in Jaipur, India. Soft and subtle, it can be dressed up or down all Summer long — and our partnership with Symbology employed more than 150 artisans!

PF Candle Co. Amber & Moss Reed Diffuser

$22.00 retail value

One of the best selling products and most popular scents from the iconic candle maker — scented and poured by artisans in Los Angeles this reed diffuser is long-lasting, flame-free, and transforms any room.

Soko Petite Bow Earrings in Silver

$42.00 retail value

These gorgeous earrings gracefully combine impact and style — more than 358 artisans were employed in Kenya to handmake them for CAUSEBOX. They can be dressed up or worn daily for a more detailed look!

Bloom & Give Set of Two Malabar Tea Towels

$24.00 retail value

These chic, cotton tea towels were made by artisans in Kerala, India — and through our partnership with Bloom & Give, 100 young girls were put through school!

Scentuals Rosehip Beauty Oil

$23.19 retail value

This full size miracle beauty oil blend is the cleanest and most natural on the market. It's lightweight and non-greasy, it moisturizes and hydrates, it naturally rejuvenates and makes skin glow, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and it firms skin. It does it all.

Juice Beauty Ultra-Natural Mascara

$24.00 retail value

One of the best-selling products from the leading brand in clean beauty! This go-to mascara derives its charcoal color from the pigments found in purple carrots and uses a blend of botanical juices, waxes, powders, and cold pressed oils to provide all-natural and effective coverage!

Marylou Faure Art Print / Post Card

$10.00 retail value

This original 5" x 7" art print by Marylou Faure doubles as a post card and celebrates the female form!

2018 // Winter

2018 // Winter

Krochet Kids Intl Exclusive Pom-Pom Beanie

$34.00 retail value

We worked with Krochet Kids International to create this pom-pom beanie exclusively for the Winter Box! It incorporates a custom-made copper yarn, spun with gold, it fits in all the right places with a bit of slouch on top — and it is finished with a clean and classic pom pom in white. Each beanie is hand-signed by the woman who made it in Uganda or Peru!

Tribe Alive x Sarah Sherman Samuel Table Runner / Wall Hanging

$72.00 retail value

Table runner and wall hanging handmade by female artisans in Jaipur, India, and designed exclusively for CAUSEBOX by renowned designer and stylist Sarah Sherman Samuel

Level Naturals Chamomile + Lavender Candle

$20.00 retail value

Chamomile and Lavender soy candle scented with essential oils. Every Level Naturals candle is hand poured in Southern California with cozy scents that lend and zen-like calm to any room. Level Naturals uses only the best ingredients in their candles — clean, non-toxic wax bases, all-natural, essential oils for the scent, and lead free wicks.

Half United Hex Cuff in Gold

$45.00 retail value

The design for this gorgeous, gold-plated bracelet was inspired by the hexagonal pattern of a beehive, and it serves as a symbol of the selflessness of bees — which work together for the betterment of the hive. In that same spirit of generosity, Half United provides seven meals for the hungry, for every product that they sell!

Honest Beauty Magic Balm

$18.00 retail value

Best selling do-everything Magic Balm from Jessica Alba’s groundbreaking clean beauty brand!

CAUSEBOX 49 Great Questions

$12.00 retail value

49 Great Questions and conversation cues, beautifully printed and boxed — crafted to facilitate and inspire meaningful conversations!

Fylla Giessing Art Print

$10.00 retail value

Exclusively-commissioned art piece with gold foil accents from Danish artist Fylla Giessing — inspired by the one-line art movement.

Anchal Project $30 Gift Card

$30.00 retail value

From the designers of the Winter Box — this $30 gift card can be applied to everything on their online store, from beautiful quilts to pillow cases and kitchen linens!

2017 // Fall

2017 // Fall

Mr. B's Necessities Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

$49.95 retail value

We're in love with this Set of 5 Aromatherapy Roll-Ons from Mr. B's Necessities — they are perfect for everything that life throws your way. They use all-natural, plant-based, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils – and they are handmade and formulated by a certified aromatherapist.

Mela Artisans Chevron 4" x 6" Photo Frame

$50.00 retail value

This 4" x 6" picture frame was handmade in Sambhal, India by Mela Artisans. It honors and preserves the timeless handiwork of bone, wood, and horn craftsmen and all bone that is delicately hand arranged, was sourced from animals that have died of natural causes — which honors for an ancient ritual of remembering the animals long after their natural life. Each frame comes with a complementary two-sided art print, designed by award winning artist (and Fall Box designer) Caterina Bianchini.

Badala Kuni Utensil Set

$18.00 retail value

Each Fall Box will contain a set of two of these beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted serving spoons in one of three different colors (either poppy, teal, or gold). Each set of utensils is made out of olive wood by artisans in Kenya!

Jimani Collections Tatu Triangle Necklace

$35.00 retail value

This long, classy necklace elevates an outfit, it employs women in Nairobi, Kenya, and it is made from materials that would have otherwise been discarded and wasted. Each pendant is constructed out of upcycled bone that is collected by local farmers, these necklaces tell the story of the women who make them, and the history of the land it was made in. Note: The bone used in this necklace was reclaimed and sourced from animals that died of natural causes.

Nisolo Luggage Tag

$18.00 retail value

Every luggage tag is made out of leftover leather shoe scraps in Trujillo, Peru—and given a new and stunningly beautiful life. Nisolo, a well known luxury lifestyle and shoe brand, is one of the key voices leading the fight against the damaging effects of fast fashion.

Caterina Bianchini Refrigerator Art Magnet Set

$10.00 retail value

This refrigerator magnet set was designed by award winning artist (and Fall Box designer) Caterina Bianchini. It includes beautiful abstract shapes that are inspired by the countries where the Fall Box products were made — and every set comes with an assortment of kiss-cut letters that can be peeled apart to spell all kinds of sentences and phrases to make a statement in your kitchen!