Is CAUSEBOX vegan?

Currently, CAUSEBOX is not strictly vegan. Though we very often detour away from the use of animal products and work extremely hard to source alternative materials in the products that we include, our primary goal at CAUSEBOX is to serve, support, and empower disadvantaged people groups and there are times when this goal comes in conflict with our efforts to avoid the use of any animal products. In cases where the artisan groups that we are partnering with and supporting have a historical relationship with and tradition of using products like leather we generally elect to serve the communities by providing work opportunities and fair trade wages — while working with materials that they are most comfortable and capable of creating products with. In these instances, we do our best to ensure that the leather is scrap leather or by-product that would otherwise be thrown away — and we make an effort to ensure that it is treated and dyed using natural materials and processes. 

Additionally, when partnering with skincare, body care, and consumables brands — one of our primary criterion for consideration is that partnering brands and products be cruelty-free and absent of animal products, just as we vet for the absence of toxins, chemicals, and other unnatural ingredients.  

Do you ship Internationally? Does international shipping cost extra?

We offer international shipping to Canada and all US territories (including Puerto Rico and Guam)! For all shipments outside of the Continental US (Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, & Territories) there is an additional cost of $7.95 USD for each seasonal box.

Can I purchase multiple CAUSEBOXES in bulk?

Yep! CAUSEBOX makes the perfect employee / group gift—simply email wholesale@causebox.com and we'll discuss pricing, timing, and options for your bulk order.

What box is currently shipping?

Our Winter CAUSEBOX is currently shipping! It is stuffed with more than $150 worth of incredible and exclusive products. Our Fall Box sold out 50 days ahead of schedule, and the past 5 boxes have sold out quickly as well — so if you want to make sure you get the Winter Box before it is gone, it is recommended that you purchase as soon as po

I just signed up for a CAUSEBOX subscription! What will I receive in my box?

Welcome to the CAUSEBOX family :) In each box, you will receive 5-8 of our favorite seasonal lifestyle products from different brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percent of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others. After we announce all of the items in the Winter Box (in mid-December) you will be able to see exactly what is in the box by clicking "Look Inside" in the Current Box section of our homepage. Our aim with each box is to curate a selection of products that are meaningful, inspiring, and uplifting — which encourage you to be your best self, and introduce you to companies and communities that are making a difference in our world. This is a membership that matters — and the CAUSEBOX community is one that you will be proud to be a part of.

Are gift subscriptions available?

Yes! During the shipping section of checkout, simply check the box for “This box is a gift” and input the address of the recipient in the shipping section.

When can I expect my first shipment?

The Winter Box is expected to ship the first week of December! You will receive an email notification when your box has shipped, and it will include a tracking link! For subsequent/recurring boxes, we ship out within the first two weeks of March, June, September, and December. If we are unable to charge the credit card on your account, this is likely because it has expired—in this case, we will wait to send your CAUSEBOX until we can get in touch with you or until we see that the billing info has been updated.

When will I be billed for my CAUSEBOX subscription?

If you order today, you will be billed right away to reserve your membership. After that, all quarterly subscribers will be billed on the 1st day of March, June, September, and December, going forward, until the membership is paused or cancelled. Annual subscribers are charged upon purchase, and then again one year later—on the first day of the fifth quarter of the subscription cycle (e.g. if the first box you receive is the Winter 2016 box, the billing cycle will renew on December 1, 2017. Of course, you can cancel any time before the billing cycle renews.

What is your cancellation policy?

Quarterly subscribers can cancel their CAUSEBOX subscription(s) at any time. There is no cancellation fee. Quarterly subscribers are billed at the time of purchase, and then on the 1st day of each quarterly shipping month (March, June, September, December) — so the subscription can be canceled or paused anytime before that date to avoid receiving the current CAUSEBOX. Annual subscribers can pause, modify, or cancel their subscriptions anytime before their 12-month cycle renews. Annual subscription cancellation requests are made effective at end of the annual term. Since annual subscriptions afford a $20 discount for a year of boxes, they are nonrefundable.

Is CAUSEBOX just for women?

Right now we are focused on curating our favorite socially-conscious products for women. This allows us to focus better on delivering value when we’re designing products and working with some of our favorite brands. We have released a seasonal Men’s Box in the past, and it sold out quickly — so if you’d like to be the first to know about different types of special edition boxes, join our email list for the latest CAUSEBOX updates!

How do I get my product in CAUSEBOX?

We’d love to hear how your product and company is making our world better! Email partners@causebox.com and tell us a bit about your company!

How do I update my account or billing information?

If you log into your account on our log in page, you will be able to change your billing/shipping information or subscription status on your account page. If you need assistance logging in, please contact us.

How do I log in to my account?

You can log into your account on our log in page, using the email address that you created your account with, and your original password. You can reset your password on this same page. If you are having trouble logging into your CAUSEBOX account using the email address that you set your account up with — this is most likely because we shifted to a new website since you originally created your CAUSEBOX account. If you are unable to login or reset your password, please email us and we’ll help!

Does CAUSEBOX accept returns?

CAUSEBOX purchases are nonrefundable. Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund.

If you have received a damaged product in your box, or if your box is missing a product, please email our member support team within two (2) weeks of delivery, and we will assist you with getting the item replaced.

If your CAUSEBOX is missing, we must be notified via email within two (2) weeks of receiving your tracking information. If CAUSEBOX is not notified within that time frame, we can no longer be held accountable for the missing items and will not be able to offer a replacement or refund. All refunds are granted at the sole discretion of CAUSEBOX.