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Symbology Clothing: Design and the Human Story

We chatted with Marissa Heyl, the founder of Symbology, the brand behind the kimono in your Spring Box, to hear about how she got her start, her vision for the brand, and so much more!

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Drink and Do Good

d.stil makes high-design reusable water bottles accessible to all buyers while using its platform to create a direct impact model and reducing demand for single-use plastic water bottles. Read more about the brand, and the water bottle, that does it all!

Connecting Worlds Through Fashion

Tribe Alive is a longtime favorite partner of CAUSEBOX. Their fashionable designs and incredible commitment to transparency and artisan relationships turned us into fast friends, and the exclusive clutch we collaborated on highlights that relationship!

The Eco-Friendly Do-Everything Turkish Towel

Tiffany Shown remembers the night that led to Fair Seas Supply Co. — digging deeper into where her everyday items came from and the journey they took before being purchased by consumers, and committing to changing that story!

CAUSEBOX Pinterest 2.0

Announcing our new and improved Pinterest page! This is an opportunity for us to give you a comprehensive visual tour of all that we’re doing and all that we stand for as a company and a brand — think of it as our visual mission statement.

Eco-Friendly & Ethically-Made Swimsuit Brands for a Hot Summer

Just in time for summer, we rounded up a few of our favorite ethical and eco-friendly brands to guide you through your summer bathing suit shopping!

Charity Spotlight: Make Your Mark

Love. Serve. Build. These are the three principles that drive the work of Make Your Mark Ministries.

Ethically-Made Gifts for the Gal Pals in your Life

Ethical and fair trade gifts are a great way to pass on and share your passion of conscious choices with friends! We’ve curated a list of gifts from places where you can always find a gift that’s ethical and has a great story to share with friends.

5 Minute All-Natural Beauty Routine

We are trained to look at the ingredients in our food but do you look at the ingredients in your beauty products? It’s time that we start talking about what’s inside our beauty products and learning how to de-clutter that beauty cabinet.

Fall Welcome Box

Every product was curated to make you look good, feel good, and help you do good. Meet the limited-edition Fall Welcome Box.