Seas The Day

June 30, 2019

Walking on the beach is a favorite summertime activity for so many of us. Nothing can beat the feeling of cool waves washing over bare feet while the warm sun beams down on your skin. Unfortunately, walking on almost any beach today also highlights one of the largest problems facing our beautiful planet.

Scientists estimate that more than 8 million metric tons of plastic are entering our oceans every year. Trash in the water and on the shore can be mistaken as food by wildlife or entangle animals. Plastic also attracts and concentrates other pollutants from surrounding seawater, posing a contamination risk to those species that then eat it. Additionally, a phenomenon called bioaccumulation means that contaminants and toxins in the ocean—including microscopic plastics—a re actually absorbed by sea creatures at the bottom of the food chain. As predators consume other species below them in the food chain, the plastic and contamination accumulates and causes damage to vital bodily systems in marine mammals over time.

Plastic has been found in 59% of sea birds, 100% of sea turtle species, and more than 25% of fish sampled from seafood markets around the world. These numbers are staggering, but there is plenty of hope. In recent years, the efforts of many different organizations have turned the tide on some of the most concerning threats and population declines in our oceans.

Based near the beach in Los Angeles, CAUSEBOX is intimately connected with and inspired by the ocean. So when we dreamed up the Altru Straw Tote for the Summer Box, we knew it had to benefit the ocean as much as it benefits the CAUSEBOX Community. As part of our impact orientation and vision for the summertime Straw Tote, we partnered with global and local charities that are fighting to protect and conserve our beaches, oceans, and marine life through research and educational programs, as well as on-the-ground, community-oriented action.

These charitable partnerships throughout the summer add a layer of meaning to the Altru Straw Tote that is near to the hearts of all of us at CAUSEBOX. Whether you use the tote at the beach or as an everyday bag wherever you live, we hope it becomes a part of your story and reminds you of the difference all of us can make when we change the way we consume and work towards reducing our waste. We like to think that someday our kids will enjoy cleaner and more beautiful beaches than the ones we get to walk on today!

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.