From Bottle to Bag

May 20, 2019

Quagga Green was founded by Barry Horn in a moment of inspiration while on an African safari. After witnessing firsthand the majestic creatures of the savannah and learning more about their plight with poachers and dwindling habitats, he felt he was in a position to do more for them. As the owner of Quagga Accessories, Barry was already deeply entrenched in the fashion accessory industry. With the help of his design team, Barry leveraged his existing manufacturing relationships to create a line of sustainable and ethically made products to supplement or replace existing versions. Quagga Green Label is a brand that offers beautiful and functional fashion accessories that buyers can feel good about purchasing. Additionally, Quagga Green donates a portion of the sales proceeds to organizations that are working hard to help preserve some of the beautiful, endangered wildlife we still have left on this earth.

Quagga Green initially drew much of its inspiration from the beauty of Africa and its people, plants, and animals. Connie Bourgeois, the head designer for Quagga Green, explains, “We now draw inspiration globally. Every season we use details, colors, textures, or processes that give the brand a global and well-traveled aesthetic that is in touch with its connection to the planet.”

Designing for Quagga Green goes beyond the colorways and silhouettes as the team learns more about sustainable fabrics. Bourgeois shares, “Using recycled materials is one of our favorite aspects of creating this line. It can be very tricky, however, to get the perfect handfeel, drape, or texture when we are limited to recycled or sustainable materials. Thankfully, as the fashion industry has slowly taken notice of the importance of sustainability, more recycled and sustainable options have emerged. One material we especially love to use is lenzing modal. This silky, drapey fabric is made from the bark of beech trees. The bark is harvested without harming the tree and it grows back year after year!”

The wet swim pouch in your Summer CAUSEBOX is made from recycled polyester, which is an amazing material with numerous beneficial properties. Connie says, “As the global plastic epidemic continues to grow, we think using recycled polyester is more important than ever. The material is made from breaking down plastic bottles into plastic chips and converting them into a strong fiber. The yarn is woven or knit into recycled polyester fabrics.”

The benefits of recycled polyester fabric extend beyond its initial upcycling, Bourgeois says, “It is made of recycled material, and it can actually be recycled again and made into something else, like a garment! Finding new ways to use and convert trash into something beautiful and functional is something we really stand behind at Quagga Green Label.”

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.