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Symbology Clothing: Design and the Human Story

We chatted with Marissa Heyl, the founder of Symbology, the brand behind the kimono in your Spring Box, to hear about how she got her start, her vision for the brand, and so much more!

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Charity Spotlight: Make Your Mark

Love. Serve. Build. These are the three principles that drive the work of Make Your Mark Ministries.

Ethically-Made Gifts for the Gal Pals in your Life

Ethical and fair trade gifts are a great way to pass on and share your passion of conscious choices with friends! We’ve curated a list of gifts from places where you can always find a gift that’s ethical and has a great story to share with friends.

5 Minute All-Natural Beauty Routine

We are trained to look at the ingredients in our food but do you look at the ingredients in your beauty products? It’s time that we start talking about what’s inside our beauty products and learning how to de-clutter that beauty cabinet.

5 Inspiring Female Founders

We are in the middle of an extraordinary shift in the acknowledgement of women’s rights, as well as the attitudes surrounding them — it is such an exciting time for women. Our stories are being heard; read to "meet" 5 inspiring female founders.

3 Surprising Benefits of Reed Diffusers

You may already be aware of the benefits of using aromatherapy in your daily life and reed diffusers are one super handy way to release the benefits of essential oils! Read on for three ways that using a diffuser can benefit your life.

5 Benefits of Oil Pulling

Everything you need to know about oil pulling and why it is all we have been hearing about when it comes to oral health!

The First Steps to Shopping Consciously

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to being more aware of your shopping habits and making the shift towards more conscious shopping decisions — for that reason, we compiled our top three ways to become more aware of your shopping choices!

5 Easy Changes You Can Make for a Greener Kitchen

We rounded up a few small changes you can make for a greener kitchen, starting with swapping paper towels with re-usable ones, such as the Bloom & Give Tea Towels from the Spring Box!

Summer Box

Every product was curated to make you look good, feel good, and help you do good. Meet the limited-edition Summer CAUSEBOX.